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Darrell Bradley - Attorney and Former Mayor of Belize City

Warren Lewis walks from murder charge

27-year-old, Warren Lewis was on remand for about eight years and had applied for bail on multiple occasions and was only successful on the third try.  He is a free man today, however, as last night just after seven o’clock the jury in his trial concluded their deliberation and found Lewis not guilty of murder and not guilty of manslaughter.  The case spans from August 2009; representing Lewis was Attorney, Darrell Bradley.

Darrell Bradley, Attorney: “The jury just returned their verdict, they were given two charges the charge of murder and the charge of manslaughter and on both counts they returned a verdict of not guilty and it was unanimous and that ends a saga which really has lasted nine years; this is the fourth trial. We had taken several issues during the course of the trial in relation to prejudice amounting to substantial impaired ability to really put on a defense and so forth and so one of the issues likewise was that a key prosecution witness had died and so that really hampered our ability in my opinion to really have a fair trial but at the end of the day the jury found not guilty.”

Lewis was on trial for the murder of Albert Braddick Allen who was twenty-two years old at the time of his murder.  Allen was kidnapped and killed on August 18, 2009.  Allen was reportedly found in the company of Cordell Flores in a vehicle with what police believed was substantial evidence to charge the duo with Allen’s murder.  At the end of it all, however, Bradley expressed faith in the justice system and the use of a jury in a trial.

Darrell Bradley, Attorney: “Well we had done three bail applications and on the third try he actually got bail but he was on remand for eight and a half years and that was one of the issues that we had argued likewise that it is a violation of one’s constitutional rights to have them on remand for such an extended period of time. I mean there are many issues in relation to the lack of judges, lack of prosecutors and so forth hand we are very mindful of those issues but it still cannot amount to a justification why an individual should be on remand awaiting trial for so very long that is a violation of their constitutional rights. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty, it took us nine and a half years to get a verdict like this but it ends a long saga. I know that the government and I know that the judiciary are doing a lot to really get down the amount of trials in the backlog and I commend those efforts but all parties including defense counsel’s likewise need to work hard to make sure that we do whatever is in our power to ensure that people have their trials at the earliest possible time.”

Allen who was killed in 2009 had been charged with murder three years prior in 2006.