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Warriors on Wheels Founder fighting for the disable in Belize

Lisa Franklin’s world changed forever when she was injured in a traffic accident. As a result, it left her confined to a wheel chair.  Therefore, she had to adjust to her new circumstance, and had to rely on others for things she was no longer able to do for herself. However, that did not keep her down. Franklin, who is from Detroit, USA, has gone on to champion the cause of people in wheelchair. Franklin spoke with Love News about how her organization, Warriors on Wheels, got started.

Lisa Franklin, Warriors on Wheels

“One day I was out with my daughter and I used to send her in the grocery store to shop when she was a teenager after the accident and I was sitting in the car and I was listening to the radio and an ad came on for Miss Wheelchair Michigan and she was getting ready to graduate from high school so I ran and placed first runner up. Well it was a competition for the person who could best articulate their platform, it wasn’t a beauty contest and so my thing was to make sure that people with disabilities were respected and that we could go any place that we wanted to go just like anyone else and so that is how the organization started and we have been running for ten years now and we have advocated for disability rights and advocated for better housing and education and employment for people with disabilities.”

Franklin is here in Belize visiting her sister, and while here, she will be working with Belize Association for People with Diverse Abilities, BAPDA to help make life better for people living with disability. Franklin arrived on Tuesday and has already made two observations where the proper facilities were lacking for people with disability. Franklin said vehicles are lacking lifts to transport persons with disability and the airport lacks the proper ground facility for persons with disability to safely exit the airplane. Franklin spoke to us about the ordeal that she had to endure just to get off the plane.

Lisa Franklin, Warriors on Wheels

“I think that it would be very important for us to make sure that the airport has safe ground equipment for people to get off of those planes safely. When I came here they actually had to strap me down in an aisle seat and carry me down the stairs onto the ground in Belize and I had had that happen to me once before but I had no idea that four gentlemen were going to actually lift me up and carry me down some stairs so that was very scary and I’m 5’9 200 pounds if that had been someone who was taller or heavier that might not have been the safest way to do that.”

Franklin said that she will be working with BAPDA to advocate for the proper ground equipment to be put in place to keep people with disability safe who need to access the airport.