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Was Color Blind Multimedia a Conflict of Interest?

According to its website, Color Blind Multimedia Productions Limited is a company founded earlier this year by Audrey Wallace. Wallace is the Chief Executive Officer of the Prime Minister’s Office. She is also a Director of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL). CEO of BTL Rochus Schreiber confirmed to Love News via email that Color Blind was awarded an $11,000  contract by BTL for the BTL Tech Expo Project. Given the posts that Wallace holds, yesterday we asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow, if this was not a clear conflict of interest.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“I understand that there are rules at BTL governing how members of the board might be able to receive work from the company. I also understand that your organization, in fact, asked questions, wrote to ask questions about the same issue you’re raising, had followed up questions after the company BTL responded to the initial query and I thought at least according to my reports that the matter was thoroughly and effectively explained. Really if you all at Love FM are still not satisfied you should pursue it with the CEO and the Chairman of the Board of the BTL directors.”

The BTL Tech Expo contract was not put out to tender because according to Schreiber, “as a private sector company, and not a Government Department, BTL has no obligation to publish bids for tender.