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Was Settlement an Admission of Guilt in GOB vs Valencia Family?

In August 2014, Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura was involved in a fatal road traffic accident that claimed the life of fifty five year old Yolanda Valencia. Her family took the Government to court seeking compensation since according to them, Yolanda was the breadwinner for the family. Yesterday, Government agreed to settle the matter out of court and the family was awarded seventy thousand dollars. Today the media spoke with Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie and asked if the government’s action was in fact an admission of guilt.


“The matter was settled by the Government of Belize. The Government of Belize was being sued and I guess in the wisdom of the legal persons a settlement was arrived at. I wouldn’t think it’s anything of that nature. You have to understand that in civil cases the level of evidence required is of a lesser nature than in a criminal matter I guess based on the suit as well as the legal review they decided to settle and they have that right to settle. He is still the substantive Deputy Commissioner of Police he remains on interdiction since the incident occurred but he is still a member of the Belize Police Department.”

Taxi driver, Yanie Cu was seriously injured in the incident while Segura walked away unharmed. Segura was charged with drunk driving and a number of other offences. Segura remains on interdiction from the Department.  Commissioner Whylie said the decision to leave force would have to be Segura’s decision.


“Mr.Segura is the substantive Deputy commissioner of Police, he is on interdiction. Whether or not he remains a member of the department at this stage is his decision. A disciplinary case was forwarded to the Security Services Commission. He was represented by his attorney and they had asked the commission to put that matter on hold pending the outcome of the criminal case, the commission had agreed with that application and so that disciplinary matter is on hold until the criminal matter concludes.”

Attorney for the Valencia family was Kareem Musa.