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Was Stake Bank’s Causeway Approved?

Tonight, there are allegations that mischief is afoot within the government when it comes to the construction of the ports and the causeway in the Belize District. On Tuesday a release came from the government saying that Cabinet is now reviewing the permissions and approvals relating to the proposed causeway from Belize City to Northern Drowned Caye. The release added that the development of that island, and the causeway to Stake Bank are the subject of an active governmental review to determine the validity of all processes and approvals. It is quite an about turn as the construction of the causeway were deemed necessary when it went before the Senate some seven years ago. As a matter of fact, the construction of the causeway not only got the nod from the Lead UDP Business Senator at the time but also from the PUP’s side. For context we bring back the portion of that Senate sitting where the greenlight was given.

Godwin Hulse, Former Government Lead Senator: “This project has been long in the making. Some ten years I understand and whereas the promoters are Belizeans Mr.Mike Feinstein and whereas they intend to develop an island off the coast of Belize known as Stakebank and build a causeway from Stakbank to another island called Drowned Caye and from there to Belize City, all the environmental studies have been done that show that the causeways are fine. It will serve as a cruise ship docking facility so that it will eliminate the tendering of passengers to an from ships to Belize. The bill was required to give the comfort to the developers so they can move with dispatch. It is also our understanding that they have secured their funding for this project and it should greatly enhance the tourism industry in Belize and indeed one of the considerations is that it would not disrupt the activity in Belize City and surrounding areas by virtue of it being established there.”

Lisa Shoman, Former PUP Senator: “Mr.President it’s very clear that the intent here is to provide support to a facility that we all know and recognize that in Belize is needed. There is no question in my mind as to whether the tenders that are used are adequate or not the time has come and it has been coming for a long time that we will have to provide if we intend to have a cruise tourism industry we have to provide proper tendering facilities.”

“Mr.President I commend this special project, this Stakebank cruise docking facility development to our country of Belize. I believe it’s a great move. It’s going to provide much needed jobs for the people of this country and it’s my hope that all necessary precautions are taken to take are of the environment and that it be a very successful venture for our land.”

Love News understands that the government has opted to do a further review on the claim that some of the reports and files had gone missing. Our newsroom was told today that the government is opening itself up for a possible lawsuit as millions of dollars have already been invested in the project. According to a senior person involved in the Stake Bank Project, the causeway is an integral part of the Stake Bank Cruise port because it makes it a land lock facility. She added that it has become necessary since government has approved the Port of Magical Belize. Further reports to Love News indicate that the government, allegedly due to internal pressures, is also looking to approve Ashcroft’s Port of Belize Expansion project. It is a situation where multi-millionaires are involved and reports suggest that a few Cabinet ministers may have already been influenced. In a view on the environmental side, our newsroom further understands that there are no adverse effects confirmed with the construction of the causeway. We are following this story and will update you accordingly.////