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Was the Incubator and Rat Incident Staged?

The presence of a rat inside a baby’s incubator at the Western Regional Hospital was appalling and had garnered disgust from many corners.  From the onset there were several speculations ranging from the possibility that it was a staged event with the intention of recording it and then publishing the video on the social media for political mileage to downright mismanagement at the hospital.  While Prime Minister Dean Barrow would not give his personal opinion on the matter, he did comment on reports that were relayed to him on the matter.


“I have spoken to several persons who claim to be very knowledgeable and who say that the incubator is a sealed facility, if you will, that a rat simply can’t get into it except if he cuts it and there was no cut. So, I am not going to offer you my own opinion but I will tell you that there is legitimate respectable opinion from people that I consider of sound mind and sober judgment that say and insist that rat was put in the incubator.”

Incidentally, the parents of the baby, who was bitten by the rat, are yet to make a public comment and there has been no indication if they will be seeking legal recourse.