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Watchman shoots coworker after a night of drinking

At around 1am Sunday, police officers visited the Radisson Pier where members of the Coast Guard transported a shooting victim along with the alleged shooter. Initial investigation reveals that around ten o’clock on Saturday night, the victim, 57-year-old, Ricardo Mendoza, and the suspected shooter, 46-year-old Jose Cortez, both of whom are watchmen, were at their job sites at Middle Long Caye when the incident occurred. The police told us that Cortez and Mendoza were drinking prior to the shooting.
Assistant Commissioner of Police – Joseph Myvett: “Sunday shortly before 1 am based on information received of a shooting in Long Middle Caye police visited the Radisson Fort George Pier where the Coast Guard handed over to them two male persons. The first being Ricardo Mendoza 57 years Salvadoran watchman with an apparent gunshot to the right chest. Also handed into police the suspect Jose Cortez 46 years Salvadoran as well as a rifle was handed over to the police. What we know so far is that both people worked at the caye and they were socializing when sometime shortly after 10 pm Mendoza reported to the police that Cortez went across to another building where he obtained a rifle and fired several shots outside. As a result, Mendoza then exited the building, went outside and was then followed by Cortez who then pointed the gun towards him and fired one single shot causing the said injury. Mendoza is in a stable condition and Cortez will be charged later today. That person will be charged for possession of an unlicensed firearm because it is not licensed to him and then charges may also be likely on the license holder of the firearm depending on the investigation.”
Initial reports noted that Cortez saw a figure in the darkness but when he called out Mendoza’s name, the figure began running, causing him to shoot at him. He only later discovered that it was Mendoza he had shot.///////