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Water Shortage hits City and Villages

There was a serious water shortage that affected portions of Belize City and villages on Tuesday. The areas affected included: Princess Margaret Drive, West Landivar, Biscayne Village, Gardenia Village, Sand Hill, the Mile 13 community, Los Lagos, Lords Bank and Ladyville. Water access has been restored and because the heat has been murderous this summer and many people were without water until late, the Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) held a press conference to explain why some people had to bathe with purified water last night.

Alvan Haynes BWS CEO: So this started at about 11 o’clock and involved obviously the diversion of traffic, traffic control as well as the actual works on the ground. Unfortunately as we executed those works we had several problems that ended up causing outage and low pressure into Belama Phases three and four for an extended period and that’s simply because of the connection at TV Ramos junction on the highway. Benny’s Apartments what people often refer to as that junction ending up being broken because of the location and the fact that it was already dark and the work was still ongoing for the new time at the Chetumal street junction. It was decided to deffer repairing of that break until today daylight. Unfortunately it also happened that we had another break on the fourteen inch main up at Ladyville directly across from Lowes Supermarket which then resulted in lower than normal pressure coming down on the fourteen inch and because Belama Phases three and four were being fed by lines that were going into Belmama from phases one and two. The lines were too small to provide full pressure back into Belama Phases three and four which resulted in the outages and lower pressure felt in that area. I therefore apologize sincerely to those residents because it was due to the said of unforseen curunctancess. BWS did put out notices of the expected duration from eleven o’clock until seven o’clock for the outage for the time and basically warning residents so that they could store water for use but the time for Belama phases three and four went well beyond our original plans because of those two sets of circumstances.