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Waterloo Accused NEAC Members of Unscrupulous Behavior

Tonight, Waterloo Investments Holdings Limited is not a happy camper. The company’s CEO, Stewart Howard, fired off a 5-page letter to CEO in the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Dr Kenrick Williams. Waterloo called out the National Environment Appraisal Committee (NEAC) as not only being unprofessional, but has also accused several of its members as unethical and criminal. (NEAC BRIBES VO STARTS) Page two of the letter reads, quote, “the most alarming and inappropriate obstruction we have received was from several NEAC members, who, at different stages of the NEAC approval process, have directly and indirectly approached us and offered to assist in the answering of NEAC questions in exchange for financial renumeration. We declined these offers.” End of quote. The ire of Waterloo doesn’t end there as only this afternoon the entire project was rejected by NEAC, which we tell you about shortly. According to Waterloo, they feel that it is because of their refusal to bribe members of NEAC that the project was denied. The letter goes on to read, quote, “our ability to present Belize with unprecedented socioeconomic benefits now lies in the hands of rogue, self-serving NEAC members, who, as evidenced by their most recent round of groundless questions, will continue to present us with ad hoc and unsubstantiated queries out of spite for not having retained them.” End of quote. Love News asked CEO Dr Williams for comment on the allegations of bribery but he did not comment directly to the question.