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WAV launches new book highlighting the fight towards the development of the Domestic Violence Act

Belize Women against Violence Movement presented a new book titled “We did it” this morning during a reunion in Belize City. The book tells the historic story of the birth of the Domestic Violence Act. Editor, Dorla Bowman spoke of the publication.

Dola Bowman Editor: Some women came together in 1985 and over the years form an organization called Women against Violence. We have branches in all the district and our focus was on domestic violent incest and rape, violence against women, looking at women’s rights as human rights but most of our time and energy was spent with the issue of domestic violence because of the people and the cases that came to us. We offer counseling throughout the country, we have centers throughout the country, and we also offer public education to educate people about the issues and dynamics of domestic violence incest, and rape and looking at how we can create peaceful families and peaceful communities. Out of all this we realize that the laws weren’t working for women. There were gaps and vacuums pertaining to the laws and so we lobbied for a domestic Violence act to be established which would be comprehensive. We Did It looks at the formation of women against violence and why it was formed and what we did and it focuses on the campaign because if we did not have a strong organization we could not have implant the campaign for the passing of the Domestic Violence Act. The camping for the domestic violence act is key, we have document that in detail so that it could be used as an educational tool by other organizations.

The book is published by Belize Women against Violence Movement, and was edited by Dorla Bowman.