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Weeding out corruption in the Belize Police Department

Corruption in the Belize Police Department is an issue that Attorney-at-law Kareem Musa has advocated against. Today the media was able to ask Musa on the issue and how he plans to weed out corruption in the Department.

Hon. Kareem Musa, Minister for Home Affairs & New Growth Industries: “Whether we as a society want to accept it or not in every single department across this country there exists corruption. The Prime Minister said that you know, he said that you can’t get rid of corruption it is everywhere. I can give you instances, I am an attorney at law and so citizens have come to me to complain that particular police officers stole their ATM card and stole money out of their account and no action was taken against them and so I can go on and on with instances but I’m not saying that it is simply within the police department. If you want to go to lands department right now you will see what a hotbed of corruption is and so no system, no department is perfect and so we do intend to have a zero tolerance when it comes to corruption. We need to take a very close look at the internal affairs office to make sure that that is fully functional, that it has teeth. We need to look at the Ombudsman’s Office to see whether any of the complaints from the citizenry coming to the Ombudsman have been followed up on. We get a report every year but many times the complaint is still there, people still have grievances even though they go to the Ombudsman for help they still have grievances and they don’t feel that their matter has been resolved so again corruption is everywhere in all of these departments and so let’s not just try to limit it to the police department but certainly our approach has to be that we will come down heavy on individuals who are found to be taking any acts of corruption.”