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Welcome Resource Center holds Christmas party for their patients

This time of year is filled with festivities everywhere as the Christmas season is celebrated. In this regard, the Welcome Resource Center held its annual Christmas party for its mental patients. Love News spoke with Joyce Ellis, the Administrator at the Welcome Resource Center, about the initiative

Joyce Ellis – Administrator, Welcome Resource Center

“We don’t necessarily have a team but just know that caring is Christmas so that is the theme go by every year; once you care every day should be Christmas and that’s what we are portraying with our participants here today and every day. Today is different because their actually receiving a gift; each person gets a gift with their name on it so we start to personalize it this year so that they feel the importance and know what they do care.”


“How many participants you have?”

Joyce Ellis – Administrator, Welcome Resource Center

We registered to the center we have a total of four hundred eighty-three and today we have a total of forty-five here.

Ellis said the center caters to mental patients from Monday to Friday.