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Well-know homeless woman, Stephanie, found dead

On Sunday night, the body of a woman was found on Cemetery Road in Belize City. What shocked many people is that the body was that of 38-year-old Stephanie Lozano, who most people know as just “Stephanie.” Love News reporter, Courtney Menzies decided to find out more about Stephanie and the life she lived despite being regarded as homeless or mentally unwell.

Courtney Menzez: “No child dreams of being homeless, poor or addicted to alcohol or drugs yet obstacles in life sometimes lead innocent children down those paths. Regardless every person you pass on the street was once a child and has a family who cares about them. Such is the case for thirty year old Stephanie Lozana. A woman who most people have seen spending her days and nights in the downtown area. While most people knew of her, no one really knew her and all that she had endured. Her lifeless body was discovered on Cemetery Road on Sunday night and we decided to find out more about the woman who brought a smile to many peoples faces.”

Euritt Haylock -Sister of the deceased: “She was a person that loved dancing, singing, having fun and giving jokes. She was always hyper and we are going to miss her alot. She was a cool person to have around all the time and she was living in the states for a while. She was living there since she was a little girl, she came back to Belize when she was like about thirty years old and was here on Sunday morning.”

Courtney Menzez: “What did she tell you guys?”

Euritt Haylock -Sister of the deceased: “She told my sister that she is going to die soon and my sister told her don’t say that. That is what she told her and she was like yes she feels that she is going to die soon.”

Courtney Menzez: “Stephanie knew she did not have much time left so she tried to prepare her sisters. She said the very same thing to Jeidi Trapp her friend and confidant. Jeidi often provided a place for Stephanie to say, gave her food and bought her clothes.”

Jeidi Trapp – Friend of the deceased: “Well I got to know Steph from when I got off the boat coming  from San Pedro. She worked at bridge foot and asked me for a little money. I gave her the money and we started talking. A month ago when I took her shopping she said that she didn’t have anymore clothes and thing so I told her lets go shopping then. She said no she doesn’t want clothes from there and for me to take her to the used clothes. I told her no Steph we are going to buy clothes here, she said alright then J and we went in there and did our shopping. She said you have to take a picture with me so I told her alright then no problem and that is the picture we took there. Around me she was a very nice person, I didn’t have a problem with her, she used to stay here now and then. Friday was the last time I saw her and Friday night I told her that I was going out to watch Hurricanes game so what was she going to do? She said she wanted to go out as well to take a walk. I said are sure? She said yes and that she isn’t feeling good but she doesn’t want to stay here by herself. I said are you sure? Because you can stay here. She said yes that she was sure and for me to take care out there because there are a lot of bad men out there. She felt week and thing, I even asked if she wanted to go to the hospital, she said no and that she felt like it was already her time.”

Courtney Menzez: “How did a woman who lived in the states, who loved dressing up, who had an eighteen year old daughter and a ten year old daughter die alone in the street? It was not from a lack of love as her sisters and her friends agreed that Stephanie chose to live that life.”

Euritt Haylock -Sister of the deceased: “It got to that point when she was back home in LA. It started from there, then she came to Belize and then she just went from there. She never wanted anything, she just wanted to be in the street. We got Stephanie off the street many times and she went back on the street. That was her life, she chose that type of life because she has family that loves her all the time.”

Jeidi Trapp – Friend of the deceased: “Just the way she told me, she told me that she has her family that loves her and what not. She told me that she has a daughter and that her sister has a daughter. She used to live in LA but she chose to come back, her family tried to carry her to rehab and she refused. She would go for like a month and from there she would go back to the streets. She had family that really checked for her.”

Courtney Menzez: “Stephanie was no stranger to the citizens of Belize as she could always be seen on the street. Many people however took advantage of her by videoing her dancing or singing and exploiting her on social media. We asked her other sister Vanessa Vansen how she felt about this.”

Vanessa Vansen – Sister of deceased: “ Personally I don’t like it, I think it is invading her space. I used to ask her about it and she was like because she wants the money that is why she does it but it is not something that she likes to do. I used to always be reporting the page because people don’t know Stephanie, the thing that pissess me off is that they call her crazy. Stephanie is not crazy, that is what pissess me off, she is literally not crazy. You all need to stop saying she is crazy, it is not a nice feeling to watch people making smart comments or being a bully towards your family member, that hurts.”

Reporting for Love News I am Courtney Menzez.

A postmortem revealed Stephanie died of organ failure. //////