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Well-known Belizean Hospitalized Following RTA

A well-known Belizean cyclist was involved in a motorcycle incident yesterday. Belmopan Correspondent Fem Cruz tells us more. 

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: A road traffic accident yesterday afternoon on the George Price Highway in the village of Blackman Eddy left well known cyclist 54 year old Robert Mariano, a resident of Belize City, with several broken bones. Information is that Mariano was driving his motorcycle from San Ignacio Town en route to Belize City when upon reaching the foot of Mount Hope he lost control of the motorcycle he was riding and ran into a sign. Tifara Mariano, the sister of the injured man, gave Love News an update.

Tifara Mariano, Sister: “Robert was on his way to Belize City from Cayo and a dog ran across the road and to avoid hitting the dog he swerved to avoid hitting the dog and he ended up crashing into the sign and that’s how the whole incident happened. For right now he suffered a good amount of fractures but he’s going to be okay and I’m asking everyone to please keep him in prayers because right now the family needs it, we definitely need it.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: And his injuries you mentioned he got a couple fractures ?

Tifara Mariano, Sister: “Yes. The knee, the pelvis, his finger and also his tail bone. Only the pain that you know I guess because the blood got cold and he started to suffer a lot of pain and they gave him good medication for it because after a short while he said okay the pain is wearing off and he went right back to sleep but the good nurses and doctors here at Belmopan Emergency they’re doing a very good job I have to applaud them for that because as soon as he says something they’re right there you know and I really appreciate that.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Robert is a well known cyclist too ? 

Tifara Mariano, Sister: “Yes sir he’s been doing cycling for almost all his life.”