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A well known Cayo man is dead after he was hit and left to die on the highway

A resident of Georgeville, Cayo District is detained after police gathered sufficient evidence to identify him as the driver in a fatal hit and run incident last night.  20-year-old, Charles Bell Junior is the victim in this road incident as he was traveling towards Esperanza Village from Central Farm.  Reports indicate that Bell was on his motorcycle when a white van knocked him off the road near Running W Meats.  Cayo Correspondent has been in contact with Bell’s father.

Fem Cruz: The Bell family in the village of Blackman Eddy Cayo district are mourning the untimely death of their beloved son Charles Bell Jr, 20 year old BDF Volunteer. According to Charles Bell senior, the father of the deceased, his son was on his way to work late yesterday evening when his life was cut short; Mr.Bell explained more.

Charles Bell, Father of deceased: “When I got a call from the police that my son got caught in an accident.”

Reporter: Did they tell you where the accident was?

Charles Bell, Father of deceased: “They said near Central Farm, going towards Central Farm. So I got up and I told them I was coming and I went and I when I got to the hospital, I saw that they had him in the ambulance and they were heading towards Belmopan. So I rushed down to Belmopan and by the time I got there he was already in the next ambulance heading to Belize City. He was in a critical condition and his face was messed up.”

Reporter: Tell us what happened when you went to Belize City along with your family.

Charles Bell, Father of deceased: “I didn’t go to Belize City, I just let my daughter go. At around one in the morning I called her to ask her what happened and how things were going and she said “dad it doesn’t look too good.” but they didn’t want her to go in. Ten minutes after that she called me to tell me that he had gone.”

Reporter: Here in Belmopan? 

Charles Bell, Father of deceased: No in Belize City.”

Reporter: As a police officer, and I know it’s not that easy when you heard that message about your son because many times you respond to the scene, how has the family been coping?

Charles Bell, Father of deceased: “We are hugging each other and just praying. But they said it was a hit and run. “

Reporter: Tell us about your son, what kind of person was he?

Charles Bell, Father of deceased: “Well I can say that when he is at home he is a good boy, but when he is out there I don’t know what he is doing out there.”

Reporter: He’s someone who is loving.”

Charles Bell, Father of deceased: “Yeah he never gave any problems because he doesn’t even go out. I would tell him ‘boy take a little walk down so.’ but he doesn’t go out. He is just from his work to home. It’s really rough.”

Bell sustained injuries to the head and abrasions to the body.  He was taken to the San Ignacio Hospital for treatment but he succumbed to his injuries.  Police have detained Cruz Saget de Jesus pending charges.