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Well Known Social Worker Loses the Fight to COVID-19

After battling COVID-19 for several days, well known social worker at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, Pamela Stamp lost the fight earlier today. The thirty-six-year-old worked for many years at the KHMH and was also very active with the Kidney Association of Belize. The staff at the KHMH made several efforts to assist Stamp during her period of hospitalization including a blood drive. President of the Kidney Association of Belize Elia Cho, says the association has not only lost a member, but a friend and a family member.

Elia Cho, President, Belize Kidney Association: “I want to say that on behalf of the Kidney Association and it’s members we express our sincere and deepest condolences to Ms.Pamela Stamp’s family and friends and colleagues and the wider community. It’s a great loss for the Kidney Association because Ms.Pamela Stamp is a remarkable individual. She is very passionate. She’s very concerned about our members. She volunteered with the Kidney Association since 2011 and when we asked here to join and become a part of our board she immediately said yes. She joined the board in 2019 and she had played a vital role. She’s very intricate in participating with our activities. She’s always there to give that supporting hand. She has this self care and this effort, this love with what she does I believe it’s a gift. Not many persons within our community have the drive, the love, the interest and the kindness that Ms.Pam had.”

Prime Minister John Briceno also paid condolences to Stamp this morning at the Special Sitting of the House of Representative’s at the National Assembly.