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Wesley receives donation to help secure the school

Wesley Lower School has had several break-ins which have set the school back tremendously and hinder the students learning. Hon. Tracy Taegar-Panton, the Area Representative for Albert, came to the school aid by garnering assistance from the business community and today a sizeable donation was made to the school to purchase surveillance cameras in the hopes of deterring culprits from burglarizing the school.  Taegar-Panton told the media how it all came about.

Hon Tracy Taegar-Panton – Area Representative for Albert: “We had a conversation with the principal of the school regarding thet first break in in December and so we had made a commitment to support the project. We couldn’t do it right away because we just got through the Christmas greeting program and when we heard of the most recent break in we thought we would reach out to our friends in the business community to see if they can assist us to complete the project and as you know Tropicana Casino responded very readily and gave us a contribution of $2500 towards the security system for the school. The estimate that was provided to us for the project came after an assessment was done by the school and so we believe that should cover the pertinent areas but as the principal also indicated today that there is also going to be help from the Ministry of Education to add more cameras to the system.”

The principal, Shirley Saldano was elated to receive the donation.

Shirley Saldano – Principal of Wesley Lower School:  “You often hear principals from other schools speaks about the break ins in their schools and this is my first year as principal and coming on board and now that it hit home where I am it is now depressing and overwhelming because here we are trying to fight and make sure that we have all the necessary things that we need to service our children and for these thieves to come and just set us back it is looking moving one step forward and going back another 2,3 steps backward. At the end of the day I believe in my God. Pray to him and ask him for guidance and support and going to Minister Tracey Panton and I can say with the first word she jumped and she will assist us.The principal hopes to install the surveillance cameras this week.