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Wesley College Students Kick Off Red Ribbon Week

This morning there was an opening ceremony to kick off Wesley College twentieth annual Red Ribbon Week, which is being held under the theme “Life is Your Journey. Travel Drug Free.”  At this morning’s open ceremony, Mayor Khalid Belisle, addressed the students in attendance.

Khalid Belisle Mayor Belmopan: “Anyone within air shot of my voice to make the most of the opportunity before you this week. For me that opportunity is simply to do your small part in pushing back against the corrosive effects of the ever widening spread of drug use and abuse in Belize. None of us individually will stem that tide but collectively by saying no I will not and turning that into no our school will not and saying that “no pun intended” into no our city will not,  It can all snowball into no our country will not. By now you most certainly heard that saying of the journey that takes 1000 miles begging with a single step. Similarly the road to achieving the goal of drastically cutting down on the proliferation of drug use in our communities starts with the paving stones with you and me.

Maricelli Soberanis, the School Counselor at Wesley College spoke about this week’s activities.

Marcelli Soberanis Counselor Wesley College: “Tomorrow we have to Department of youth service that will be coming during lunch. Wednesday we get to wear the red ribbons and we are going to make a pledge as a school community and on Thursday the Police K9 Unit is going to come in and give us a demonstration and display. Friday is our big event so we have a church service led by the peer helpers, we have a parade and a bike completion and then we have a poetry slam and a guest artist for the students.

Soberanis said that the initiative is to help youths learn about the harmful effects of drugs in order to make conscious decisions for their everyday life.