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West Comes Home for the Holidays

30-year-old, Woodrow West began making a name for himself here in Belize as he had become known as a top goalkeeper in the football arena along with Shane Moody-Orio.  In July 2015, West was faced with a decision to quit playing in the local leagues and move out to Honduras to play with the Honduras Progresso of the National League of Honduras.  He opted to leave and now, five months later, after making the news several times in Honduras Sports, he is back home for a few days for the Christmas break.  Love News spoke with West, a few hours after he landed back home, who told us what it was like when he had just gotten to Honduras.


The decision was hard for me because you are leaving your home and everything that you’re used to and to go and adapt to another country is kind of difficult but when I arrived in Honduras my teammates were waiting on me and these guys when it comes to football playing and meeting teammates they were open. They really showed how happy they were to have me and that made a big difference because the first week I could have sensed that the team was about unity and love and I could have sensed it and I felt it so that made it really comfortable for me and that helped me. From there we got to grow and know each other. At this point I can say that I know all of them on a first name basis.”

Once West settled in, his excellence in football continued; so much so, that he was recently dubbed the hero of his team.


I was competing for the least goals against me and I won and that made us get to the semi finals. I had about four shot-outs back to back and that helped me to be one of the best goalkeepers so far in the league and since, we were crowned champions. In the final game they crowned me as the hero for the team and that felt good because I knew I worked hard and sacrificed a lot. My goalkeeper over there always pushed me in every training and he got me into the rhythm and top shape for every game and he was the one who really helped me a lot to be confident in my goals and just be me. I was able to get comfortable to play with my team just like I was with the national team so that was good.”

As we mentioned earlier, West is back in Belize for the Christmas break and will be returning to Honduras on Monday.  He spoke to us on the way forward away from home.


I’m so sad that I have to go back on Sunday but they don’t flights for me on Sunday so I will go back on Monday evening and the time here I have some friends but I will try to do my best to see everybody I can and spend most of the time with my mom and dad because my dad went with me to watch the finals but my mom didn’t go but I need to see her and I just have five days here. The league is going to start on the 8th of January so I have two weeks preseason to do that so I don’t have much time. I signed a contract with them and I have a whole year more with them and that is this year that is coming so I don’t think I will be coming back home because we qualified for the champion league and the league would be finished about March or April and then we go right into training for the CONCACAF games which are in September and the league will start again in September so I have long year coming, I’m excited about it because my aim was to win the championship and go to the CONCACAF with these guys.”

West’s career began just over ten years ago when he began playing for the San Isidro Eagles.  Since then he has played on the Revolutionary Conquerors, the Belize Defense Force Football Club and the Belmopan Bandits.