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Western Regional Commander on Policing Plans

November 2015 saw Superintendent Andrew Ramirez move up from being the Officer in Charge at the San Ignacio Police Station to the Commander for the entire Western region.  We paid Superintendent Ramirez, a visit yesterday and he spoke to us on his concerns and plans for the western region, meaning Belmopan, San Ignacio and Benque Viejo del Carmen.


As it relates to challenges being faced in each police station, Superintendent Ramirez says he will be keeping in contact with the commanding officers in order to address the issues being had in each area and will serve as the lobbyist for each formation.


Love News took a tour of the San Ignacio Police Station where Superintendent Ramirez showed us some improvements being made including the setting up of an office for the Western Regional Commander.  He also went on to speak to the general community on reporting the misconduct of his police officers.


On Thursday afternoon, the San Ignacio Police Station will be holding a brief award ceremony for officers of the month.