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Western Regional Vendors are being blamed for rat issue in hospital, vendors says no.

In order to deal with the rat problem at the Western Regional Hospital, several measures are being taken. One of those measures is to remove the vendors from the hospital’s vicinity. But the vendors, say that they are not the problem. They say that their livelihoods have now become threatened and refuse to get out to the hospital yard without proper consultation. But CEO, Dr. Peter Allen, says that those were the orders of the hospital’s administration and he will not stop them from doing what is necessary.

Peter Allen: “Well essentially what we asked was for our technical officers to go in with the management and staff of the Western Regional Hospital and to develop a plan for dealing with this really outrageous problem. Now part of that plan was clearing the yard, part of it was cleaning holes and sealing holes, part of it was replacing screens and doors, part of it is rodenticiding and the use of chemicals and traps, part of it is going into the neighbors yards which have not been cleared and cleaning those and doing our  best to make sure that they stay clean and part of it was that the public health inspectorate recommended that right now the vendors where the structure is not considered appropriate should be moved with the understanding that once the problem is controlled that we should be able to create a better environment for the vendors to return to. In terms of time frame I would put the time frame in terms of months rather than years. Of course we certainly understand the plight of vendors who have families to support and we certainly hope that we  can have that situation fixed as quickly as possible.”

Some of the vendors have asked the Belmopan City Council for permission to sell food outside of the hospital compound.