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WestJet Begins Service in Belize

West Jet Airlines inaugurated its first flight to Belize on Saturday morning. The airline will be offering direct flights to Belize from Canada. Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Manuel Heredia stated that they had been working to secure a direct flight from Canada to Belize for a long time.


“Today holds a very significant and unparalleled opportunity for Belize. Over the years we have seen a substantial increase in Canadian visitors to our shores. In fact the Canadian market has established itself as the second largest tourist market by nationality for our country. West Jet and Belize have partnered and have committed to investing the essential time and resources needed to develop an invaluable relationship which would serve as the catalyst for attracting more Canadians and North American Tourists to Belize. With the introduction of this new twice a week flight from Toronto Pearson International Airport to the Phillip Goldson International Airport we project to see an increase of inbound and outbound visitation. We do however especially foresee an increase in travel to Belize from thousands of Canadians who have been deterred in the past due to the inconvenient layover and connection in the United States. After today this is no longer the case.”

Regional Manager of International Airport for West Jet Airlines, Linda Dough, thanked Belize for welcoming them in the country and stated that the venture will surely increase tourism in Belize.


“We are so thrilled that our first inaugural flight has just landed here in beautiful Belize we now are able to offer direct service twice weekly as the scheduled carrier from Canada to Belize and we can’t be more proud of this. Belize is WestJet’s 21 destination in the Caribbean and it is the 3rd in Central America. The great thing about the service that we are offering is that Canadians can now leave Toronto and be here midday and on the beach by early afternoon. Belize is further evidence of WestJet’s commitment to connecting Canadians to sun destinations, we are very proud to support tourism in Belize and beyond. We know that our citizens of Canada are coming here, they are staying in hotels and resorts, they are spending money, they are supporting the local restaurants and the local business which then provide jobs for the local people of Belize.”

This is the third airline added to Belize that facilitates tourism from key markets.