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Westrac Limited donates to Rotaract Clubs for school projects

Four  Rotaract Clubs have received funding from Westrac Limited to carry out a school refurbishment project.  Love News was on hand for the handing over ceremony which took place at Westrac’s office on the Philip Goldson Highway in Belize City.  CEO at Westrac Limited, Peter Thiessen told us how they teamed up with Rotaract.

Peter Thiessen – CEO, Westrac Ltd

“WestTrac had always been looking for opportunities to give back to the community and we had an amount of money that we wanted to give and we didn’t have the people so we had an employee from Rotaract and we talked to them and we found out they were willing to help us to give this money to the right places. We give the money and they will go on with the projects and of course we are a company that believes in education and if you invest in education that is the best interest that you can get out and we need educated people for all the businesses so we are very happy with Rotaract, we believe that they chose the right schools, the right places and the right projects and we hope that many children will get help through this.”

Monica Heredia is the Secretary of the San Ignacio Rotaract Club and she spoke of the projects the clubs will be undertaking.

Monica Heredia – Secretary, San Ignacio Rotaract Club

“This project is our Rotaract School Rehabilitation project and it started with us deciding that we wanted to do a national project to include all the different clubs of Belize.  Currently we have the Rotaract Club of San Ignacio, Dangriga, Orange Walk and Belmopan assisting us.  We contacted the DEC to find the schools most in need in each district or we contacted the presidents to find out what schools needed help in their area and then we went about doing our budgeting and finding the schools and each club has a different school they’re doing and a different task they’re doing in the school. The Rotaract Club of San Ignacio is doing five schools, we are working with two schools La Gracia and Los Tambos and we are giving them drums for the schools because they are having problems with garbage right now and they currently use just regular clothes baskets as garbage drums. We are also doing the Bullet Tree Preschool, we are plastering the walls and we are doing Hidden Paradise, they have a problem with flies because they are next to a field that has a lot of cows and its very unsanitary for the kids to eat there so what they did was they build a cafeteria but they don’t have any screens or any doors so what we’re doing is that we are going to get the screens, put in and get doors to paint it over and we are going to paint over their signs because right now their signs are faded. Our biggest one is going to be Iguana Creek RC School which is in Iguana Creek Village. What we are doing is that we are going to take down all the gutters, fix them up, paint the entire school inside and out, we are getting chairs for the infant one and infant two classes, we are fixing all the chairs because right now they have a lot of chairs that need to be sanded and painted over and we are getting their murals done. The Dangriga Club is doing Silk Grass, ten miles away from Dangriga they are doing the ceiling fans and arm chairs. Orange Walk is doing Chan Pine Ridge, they are building the library and donating all the books, they are fixing the ceiling of the school and they are also installing electricity in the school. The Rotaract Club of Belmopan is fixing St. Michaels School.  They currently have a classroom that doesn’t have a ceiling they are getting drums for the school, they are doing a mural and they are getting arm chairs for some of the classrooms. We would like to thank WestTrac for their sponsorship, we are very grateful, all the clubs are because this is project that we wanted to do for a long time because education is one of our five focuses and its one the things that we should do as Rotaract. We were looking into this project for a while but we didn’t have the funding for it and WestTrac came in and donated the funds so we are very grateful.”

Heredia said it is hopeful that the projects will be completed in time for International Rotaract Day next month.