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What are the plans for Southside flood mitigation?

The flood mitigation infrastructure project is expected to be completed later this year. The project is expected to reduce flooding in Belize City. However just a few areas in Belize City are a part of the project; most of them on the north side. So what about Southside Belize City? Last year, when the heavy constant rains fell, most of Southside Belize City was underwater. So we asked NEMO’s Operations Manager, Lionel Cutkelvin and Project Manager of the flood mitigation infrastructure project, Fernando Chan if there are any plans that include the Southside.

Fernando Chan – Project Manager

“This is a pilot project so we don’t know what will be the government if they foresee any other projects in relation to flooding so at this point in time I cannot say it’s only for this area where we have our project, Belama and the two canals that we upgraded. So I don’t know if there is anything that is going to happen on the south side area. I am sure that there is a plan in place that is not part of this project but we do understand the situation on south side Belize City and that is an area that needs to be addressed. I’m sure that in the future that we are going to look at that and see what we can do for Southside Belize City. As I mentioned our part for NEMO is to ensure that mitigation works are being carried out as a means to minimize the effects of a disaster, it could be any disaster but in this case it’s flooding so that is something that NEMO pays keen attention to.”