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What Caused the Death of a One-Month Old Baby Boy?

Tonight in a Love News exclusive, we bring you the side of a young woman who is under suspicion of causing the death of a one-month-old baby boy. The baby died under mysterious circumstances on Friday at his home in San Ignacio Town. On Monday, we reported that the baby was left in the care of the babysitter and that the baby may have been roughed up, leading to his death. A post mortem examination is yet to be conducted but the so-called “baby sitter” is rejecting all accusations against her. 18-year-old Blanca Ruiz told Love News that she was never hired to babysit the child. She says that she was hired only to clean the house and do the laundry. According to Ruiz, on two occasions before the baby’s death, the mother would leave the house leaving the baby asleep. Ruiz reached out to our newsroom with a pre-recorded statement of what transpired last Friday.

Blanca Ruiz: “In April I was hired by the couple to do house chores. I was to assist in cleaning the house and washing because she recently had given birth. In the time frame that I worked for her she had left me twice already before this incident to take care of her three children while she ran errands. On both of these occasions she didn’t leave milk for the infant to drink, water nor any instructions on what to do in case her child woke up. The Friday the day on which this unfortunate incident happened was the third time she left me with the children. Again she did not leave milk for the baby to feed in case he woke up. All she did was tell me that the baby was asleep before she left. When the baby awoke I tried rocking him back to sleep. When that didn’t work I gave him a bit of water and I changed his dirty pampers. I rocked him again and sang to him which resulted in him finally going back to sleep. I laid him back on the bed where she had previously left him and went back to doing the chores of the house. When she came back that was when she noticed that the baby was unresponsive. She asked what had happened and I told her what occurred while she was away. She made several calls and attempted a few times to wake up the baby. She did all of this before taking the baby to the hospital.” 

Love News reached out to the mother again today who confirmed that she is still awaiting the Police to schedule a date for the post mortem. She noted that once that is done she will then proceed with plans for a funeral.