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What Happens to the Belize Dollar since Death of the Queen?

Amending the constitution is not the only decision that will have to be made by the Briceno Administration. Talks about replacing the Queen from our currency have been ongoing for some time now, but The Queen’s passing resurrected those discussions even more so now. Prime Minister John Briceno says it’s a matter that the People’s Constitution Commission will have to look at. 

John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: “If we make that decision, probably it will do be so but it’s a process through the Central Bank and they will come with their recommendations to me as the Minister of Finance and obviously I will have to take it to the Cabinet and onto the National Assembly. In my mind, at least, that’s the format I would want to be able to follow but again I repeat, we are at the point of legalising, formalising the setting up of a Constitutional Commission and I’d hope that these are some of the questions that can be answered from the people. We want to be able to hear from them but it is really important to point out that The Queen has been a symbolic figure and if she’s on our note or if she is not, it has nothing to do with the value of the Belize Dollar. Yesterday when I was in Chetumal and I was being asked about that if our money is going to be devalued, I made the point our dollar is ted to the U.S. Dollar so having The Queen’s face or even King Charles III’s face on the dollar it has nothing to do with the value. I just want to assure fi there’s some Belizeans that may be concerned about that.”