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What International Assessments Are Saying About Belize

With the world wide web so accessible to everyone and traveling becoming so easy for many, Belize has indeed become a well know destination, albeit, its size and status as a third world country.  So much so, that in various aspects, this small Central American nation has and continues to be graded by organizations around the world in areas such as finance and economy, crime and social wellbeing, among others.  Belize reports 2As recent as this week, Belize was ranked at fifth place as it pertains to the Gallup-Healthways Country Well-Being Report – a report that looks at how the people in one hundred and forty five countries around the world are doing in five key areas, namely, purpose; social; financial; community and physical.  Placing above Belize were Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Panama.  The other top ten countries regarded as thriving were Chile, Denmark, Guatemala, Austria and Mexico.  According to polling firm, Gallup, Latin Americans in particular have higher levels of well-being than any other regional group as residents of many Latin American countries are among the most likely in the world to report daily positive experiences such as smiling and laughing, feeling enjoyment, and feeling treated with respect each day.  It added that among regions, sub-Saharan Africa was found to be the least thriving over all while the worst circumstances were found in Afghanistan, which finished last in several categories.  For this particular report, there were an estimated one hundred and forty six thousand interviews conducted.  Another recent report involving Belize was one on external debts around the world and the countries who may end up facing a full blown sovereign debt crisis.  In that report Belize was listed as being one of the countries that are currently in government external debt crisis.  Belize was listed among other countries including Ireland, Spain, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Greece.  Belize Reports 4According to this article, the World Bank had issued a warning to developing countries that are facing up to the prospect of the flood of cheap money being turned off, that they should be hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.  In that article, fourteen countries were listed as being high risk of government external debt crisis while twenty four countries were listed, including Belize, as already being in that crisis.  On a more positive note, there was also a recent report that surfaced on the world wide web that listed Belize, along with three other countries as being locations outside the United States that is being predicted to be places where companies will be moving to in five to ten years.  That is according to Site Selection Magazine, an influential publication that highlights corporate real estate strategy and area economic development.  According to the magazine’s Chief Editor, “in a tie with Eastern Europe, 31.4 per cent of respondents selected the Central/South America and the Caribbean and cited an educated workforce, the economic expansion of the region aided by the anticipated increase in traffic due to the widening of the Panama Canal and a growing middle class as some of the reasons behind the decision to invest in the logistics, automotive and chemical clusters.  Location consultants and experts in foreign direct investment from around the world were asked where they would consider locating their investment in the next ten years, and why.  St. Lucia, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti were among 13 countries identified as choice locations in the Central/South America and Caribbean.  Among the attributes identified for the feature ‘Locations of the Future’, survey respondents highlighted a large population with a burgeoning middle-class; political and economic stability; an industrious, well-educated workforce; and quality infrastructure as some of the incentives to investing in one regional location over another.