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What Killed Jennifer Nunez Andino? Health Issues or Domestic Abuse?

A woman from the Stann Creek District is dead and her family is looking for answers. Correspondent Harry Arzu has more in this report.


“Dangriga Police have one man detained as they investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of 18-year-old, Jennifer Andino. Reports are that Andino who was a 4th form student at the Ecumenical High School Evening division was living in Sarawee Village in the Stann Creek district in an abusive relationship according to her mother and friends. Andino, now deceased reported to her mother last week Saturday that she was not feeling well. She was then admitted to ward at the Southern Regional Hospital for treatment where she later died at about 2:30am yesterday. A post mortem examination is being carried out on the body to find out the cause of Jennifer’s death and police here are awaiting the results which will determine their next course of action. 35 year old Senia Nunez told Love News that her daughter was being abused by her common law husband.”


“We found that my daughter had a lot of bruises on her and on her face and then according to her she said that her boyfriend beat her with a stick. She said that he had already beat her about three times already that week. We think that because of that she started to vomit blood. When she was here on Saturday she got in. When she came on Saturday she came and she said that she felt really bad and she was breathing quickly and she had a fever. She went to lie down and I started to give her medication for the cough but I didn’t know that. When she went to the hospital she started to vomit blood from her nose. I took her to the hospital and then she needed blood and they put a bag of blood on her that same night and when I went to the hospital on Sunday they said that she needed some more blood and that she had a bad infection in her lungs and that killed her, the infection in the lungs. We think that it’s the beating the boy gave her.”

No charges have yet been laid against the man in custody as Police are awaiting the result of the post mortem examination. According to the family, the young woman suffered from kidney disease.