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What Killed Lionel Gillett? Belmopan Police Investigates

A murder has been reported in Belmopan. Love News got the details from officer in charge of Belmopan Police, Senior Superintendent, Howell Gillett.


“Sometime after 1pm today we received some information that there might have been a possible murder in the area of west Belmopan adjacent to the Riviera area and our officers proceeded there and they indeed confirmed that there was a male person who we later learned to be Lionel Gillette who was seen with gunshot wounds to the abdomen and to the head. What we know is that this person was last seen sometime around 9pm last night, he left from an area to go home and the discovery was made sometime after 1pm today. As we speak there is a post mortem underway and that should give us a better idea of what occurred. He was found at the steps of his home but the area is extremely isolated but we are canvassing as much as we could from the neighbors to see what they may have seen or heard between last night and today. We can’t say much at this time by virtue of the fact that the investigation has just started. Our data base is showing that we haven’t had any complaints of him so he came in as a surprise to us.”

According to a family member, Gillett’s mother was trying to reach him on the phone and did not get any response. She asked someone to check on him and that was when the discovery was made. We understand a number of items were taken from the house.