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What position will NTUCB take concerning the $90 Million?

The Belize National Teachers Union falls under the umbrella union, National Trade Union Congress of Belize, NTUCB. According to BNTU President Elena Smith, the NTUCB will be deciding on its position with regards to the debt owed to Belize Bank Limited. The decision will be made during its monthly meeting tomorrow.

Elena Smith, BNTU President

“it is our regular monthly meeting but that matter is on the agenda for discussion for tomorrow’s meeting and so at that meeting the unions will be discussing their positions as it relates to that $90 million and we have instructed our delegates who will be attending the meeting with our position and then we see what will be the majority position and then we go from there.”

Hipolito Novelo

“Would you feel as a member of the NTUCB that whatever the NTUCB decides tomorrow and makes its position that it might sway the government to agree with it?”

Elena Smith, BNTU President:

“ I don’t know who can sway the government at this time I mean it’s obvious that they are adamant that they will not because it wasn’t their fault but again I’m hoping that cooler heads will prevail and if the NTUCB can sway the government then I will be happy for that.”

The NTUCB will meet at its headquarters in Belize City.