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What triggered AAA Owner to kill his secretary and then turn the gun on himself?

The family of fifty year old Delsie Smith is still trying to figure out what went wrong on the night of September 15. Smith, manager of AAA Security Services Corp. Limited, was fatally shot by her boss and owner of the company, sixty six year old Robert Godfrey. Police say that Smith and Godfrey were inside the AAA Security Services building when Godfrey pulled out a point thirty-eight revolver and shot Smith once to the head. Godfrey then turned the gun on himself, shooting himself to the head. A motive for the shocking shootings has not been established, leaving room for much speculation. The Belize Police Department briefed the media this afternoon. Hipolito Novelo reports.

At around 8:30 on Friday night, two gunshots were heard coming from the AAA Security Services building on the Phillip Goldson Highway. The bullets were fired from a .38 revolver that was in the hands of the owner, 60 year old Robert Godfrey. He had fatally shot his longtime employee, Manager of AAA Security Services 50 year old Delsie Smith before killing himself.

When police arrived on the scene, Smith and Godfrey were seen with a single gunshot wound to the head.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, CIB

“Ms.Smith had an apparent gunshot injury to the right temple whilst Mr. Godfrey had an apparent gunshot injury to the right temple whilst Mr. Godfrey had an apparent gunshot injury to the left side of his head. One .38 revolver was found on the floor. Police processed the scene where the bodies were later removed and transported to the KHMH where they were pronounced dead on arrival.”

One of Smith’s daughters, Tricia Hislop was at home when she began receiving messages that her mother had been fatally shot.

Tricia Hislop, Daughter of Delsie Smith

“And then I got so many notifications on Facebook messenger and the phone kept ringing and then I got a call from a friend and then he asked me what happened. He said he heard my mom’s boss killed my mom and then killed himself.”

Still in disbelief, Hislop made her way to the murder scene where her worse nightmare was confirmed.

Tricia Hislop, Daughter of Delsie Smith

“So we packed everything and we jumped in her car and we went over by her work and then we got there the gate was locked and a police lady was at the gate and bystanders were on the street. I asked the lady what happened and she ”I can’t tell you.” I asked her to please tell me if my mom was in there or if she was at the hospital. The lady just told me that I had to go to the morgue, so I told her that I didn’t want to go there. I told her I wanted her to tell me where my mom was. She told me that she didn’t want to get me aggravated and that she wouldn’t tell me. So I yelled over her head to the supervisor and he came and he grabbed me and hugged me and told me that my mom died. In my mind I said that they were mistaken and maybe they just saw a body and thought it was my mom. So I jumped in the car and we went over by the morgue. I went straight to the back and my brother ran after me and told me that I couldn’t go in there. So it was like everyone was there but I wasn’t seeing anybody. And I came back out and my brother told me that she was gone and I couldn’t believe it.


So what triggered Godfrey to pull out a .38 revolver and shoot Smith before shooting himself?

Tricia Hislop, Daughter of Delsie Smith

“They were sitting at the desk doing payroll as normal and my mom was on the left and he was on the right and she was writing schedules and the payroll and when she was done she told him ‘I am finished.’ but before that she said that the woman came like twenty minutes before and she said something in spanish to him and then he just came back to the seat and he was laughing and still joking with my mom and she said ‘I’m through.’ and she gave him a paper with the schedule of the officers that would be working that weekend and as he got the paper it all happened in a split second. I don’t want to say any details because I don’t think it’s appropriate for the television or anybody else its for us to know that part and that was that. She ran out, she surprised herself because we are all laughing and talking we don’t know what went through his mind but we may never know.”

Investigators are trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, both with two persons dead- that puzzle may never be completed.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, CIB

“Well it is a death investigation and it remains open while the police do their investigation. Certainly a part of the investigation will be determined by the outcome of the post mortem while other forensic parts of the investigation will determine how far we go in relation to this investigation.”

While the investigation is ongoing, no clear motive has been established. Speculations of what may have led to the fatal shooting have surfaced, much to the family’s dislike.

Tricia Hislop, Daughter of Delsie Smith

“Please just let the speculation and all those be over because when somebody dies it hurts. When people just put bull out there and they don’t really understand the situation. My mom was a very good workers, she was the manager of Triple A, he was the boss and they had a good relationship little problems here and there with his own personal thing but it was never anything that anybody would have expected that he would have killed my mom. We have nothing to say about him because he was a good man.


“And you mom never told you that he had any trouble or complaints like that did you know?”

Tricia Hislop, Daughter of Delsie Smith

“Well it was just regular stuff, he would rail up about guards not doing what they are supposed to do and she needs to talk to them but it was never anything major that you would say that he would take a gun and shoot her and himself. So we don’t know. We will never know because they are both dead.”

Reporting for Love News I am Hipolito Novelo.