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What went wrong with the Judging of the Queen of the Bay?

Throughout the course of the weekend, when Love News spoke with Moya on the matter, she has maintained that the subjective score by each judge was not tampered with, and stressed that what affected the final tally was where the appropriate deductions were applied. We asked whether the Committee, since it was conducting a revision, considered including all delegates.

Dejanira Thompson – Secretary

“It was considered, we looked especially at the top four and then when we got the findings we still saw that Stann Creek Still came up as first runner up and the others followed as well but with fairness we did not look at the deduction for them. The issue here was with Stann Creek and Orange Walk so we did consider it but given the time frame we were sent the letter we had to just focus on that.”

Reporter: Is there then that possibility that Stann Creek is not even the runner up if you are revisiting the scores?

Zenaida Moya – Chairperson Queen of the Bay Committee

“There is a possibility, it’s a difficult thing under the situation because she already was crowned and to bring her further it would have hurt a lot more but if you look at it in terms of the application of the deductions she would possibly fall lower.”

Moya adds that a full revision would have also probably seen the top four semifinalists changing.