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What’s in store for Belize ICJ referendum campaign?

Cabinet has set April 10, 2019 as the day that Belizeans will vote whether or not to take the dispute to the ICJ. According to Ambassador Rosado, the campaign is expected to intensify.

Alexis Rosado, Belize Ambassador to Guatemala: “As you know we had a public awareness campaign ongoing since 2012 really when a referendum office was created under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and you know that ambassador Leslie was running it along with for some time Ambassador Jim Murphy so that kept going. It was considered low intensity because really it was a small team and a lot of the work that they did whereas they kept very busy what they did was limited in terms of it’s reach. What we need to do now is ramp it up in the sense that we need to get more bodies, we need to train more people in the sense of making sure that people who are informed of the issue and who know the issue can go out and give talks, address people’s concerns answer questions. We have a whole body of information that had been collected over the years, we need to make those available to the Belizean people. We have a website, we have an app, we have a Facebook page – all of those things need to be reactivated and not just monitored but also updated regularly so there is a whole series of things that we need to do. We need to reactivate the Referendum Commission- as it is we are already responding to invitations from all over the place for people to hear what this whole thing is about. We had the Agriculture Show grounds we had a booth out there over the weekends and it was very active and very busy. People are genuinely interested, people want to know I think I found the reaction to be very constructive, people want to be informed and so far we just need to keep going and get more people to help in this whole process.”

It is the hope of the government that the Belizean public would vote in favor of taking the matter to the ICJ.