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When is the Grand Opening of the Civic?

And while on the subject of BIL, we also asked DPM Faber about the Civic Center. A few months back, contractors had said they would complete the building by September but yesterday the DPM said it will be done by December as had initially been planned.

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber

“The projection was for December, I think they had given some indication that they might be a bit ahead of schedule and that is how the September date came upon us. The last time I visited which was along with the basketball Federation and the volleyball federation they had told us in October but at any rate I feel that they are close to completion. I think December is not going to pass without it being handed over but when in terms of the timeline is going to be open is another question. In fact, we want to make sure we get the management company on stream, the process of selecting that company is now what we are undergoing. We will receive the final bits on Monday, December 4th or 5th and then there will be an evaluation of those bids. I will be present on those evaluation meetings myself so I am going to ensure that we get what is needed for the Belizean people in terms of their involvement and their usage, despite the fact that there is a management company and we are going to be as a transparent as possible.”

And as the date for completion nears, Faber also asked the public or at least those who have concerns about who will take over the management of the Civic Center and other aspects of it to exercise some patience as they have every intention of being transparent in these matters as they proceed.

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber

“People must understand that there are a number of factors involved in terms of why we need the management company. 1) Proper maintenance of the facility will be very costly, we must generate income. It can’t be that it is free for all that everybody to come as you know we are capable of in this country. Anybody who doesn’t admit that you know they’re just not being honest. What we want is some entity that will also generate income and the National Sports council with all due respect to everybody there, you know I am the Minister of that too. I would never run down one of my own arms but we want an entity that can attract business. These management companies are engaged in entertainment all over the world. I remember speaking to one individual who was interested. I am not sure if that company put in its submission that promoted the Mayweather fights and they are looking to bring business to Belize and money to Belize that is what we need. We are not just going to rely on NEBL games and a Concert here and there. That is not going to sustain managing and maintaining a facility like that and so I really wish those who are talking negatively would give us a chance to put things out there in an open an transparent way before jumping on things. Earlier this month DPM Faber said they also intend to hold an open day where the public will have the opportunity to request clarification on matters of concern to them.”