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Where are the Firearms Stolen from the City Council?

A few weeks ago the Commercial Centre in downtown Belize City was burglarized  Mayor Darrell Bradley updated the media on the investigation.


“That’s an ongoing investigation, there is no substantial progress in terms of arrests or so forth so there’s nothing really to report in relation to the enforcement and investigation side of it. I can say that as a result of that the city council has changed it’s policies and procedures in relation to how store our weapons, where we store weapons, the security protocols in relation to who has access to any premises in Belize City ensuring also that we have vital pieces of equipment in certain areas, that there is 24 hour security so that we’ve reviewed our protocols and we’ve made adjustments to hopefully ensure that something like that doesn’t happen again. An internal investigation has concluded, I’ve gotten a report in relation to where our protocols failed and in relation to who was responsible so that we are looking at actions, we’ve already made corrective actions to our policies and procedures to ensure that we have better security in relation key assets including weapons. In relation to the other aspects we’ve not taken any action for the human resource or any kind of discipline or anything like that. We are very mindful of the fact that there was a serious incident and we want something like that not to be repeated. I can recall that we had an interview in relation to when they had targeted our deposits at the bank so that one of the things that we are recognizing is that City Council is being looked at as a potential target and so we are continually reviewing our systems and operations to ensure that all our employees first and foremost and then our property is very safe.”