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Where is an influx of Grenades into the country coming from?

Over the past few weeks we have been reporting on an alarming number of explosives found in Belize City, Corozal and the most recent which was detonated in San Pedro Town over the weekend. While there has been no report of any injuries, the cause for concern is mounting and the Belize Police Department’s intelligence unit is working overtime to establish the origin of these explosives and in whose hands they are in. During yesterday’s press conference, BDF Commander and bomb expert, Brigadier General David Jones, and Acting Police Commissioner Noel Leal spoke on the matter.


BDF Commander and bomb expert, Brigadier General David Jones

“These type of weapons are not to be in the urban area and are not to be in the hands of civilians. Grenades are designed for war time scenario starting off in World War One where it was trench warfare where you post them inside a trench to injure or kill people or if you are being overrun by a number of enemy forces you throw it in the open for it to cut them down. It’s not supposed to be in urban areas and in particular San Pedro which is a tourist area we wouldn’t want such a weapon to be in those urban settings. It’s more suspected that these things are coming from somewhere across the border. Any one of the Central American Countries your guess might be as good as mine but definitely not from the US forces that are coming into Belize.”

Acting Police Commissioner Noel Leal

“There is a suggestion that it has come from across the border but so far the intelligence is not showing that it was intended for any mass casualty or any people who assemble for a parade or whatever kind of social activity it is not intended for that and I’m glad to report that so far none of these incidents seem to have been targeting people currently involved or participating in the September Celebrations in Mass.”


“Is there an indication that the criminal underworld is ramping up hostility so to speak because this is the first time that I can remember that we have found all these grenades so close to September.”

Acting Police Commissioner Noel Leal

“From the Corozal and the Vernon Street one I have not had any information to indicate that it is the criminal underworld. I’m not sure yet about the one in San Pedro but I guess as the investigation proceeds it will tell us who or why there was an explosive at that house and what was the intention but as far as I’m concerned up to this time we have not no information to indicate that there is anything from the criminal underworld ramping up or stepping up. As the General rightly pointed out it may have fallen into the wrong hands and I can only beg you all and the community to assist us with any kind of information so that we can get them off the streets or wherever they are.”