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Where is Serena Sanchez?

Today our newsroom received reports of two teenagers who were missing.  The first report was of a 15-year-old from Ladyville, Belize District.  Our newsroom posted the missing report on our Facebook page and within hours, the child was located and reunited with her mother.  The second report, however, does not have such a happy ending.  16-year-old Serena Celi Sanchez, a resident of Cristo Rey Village, Cayo District has been missing now for 51 days.  Sanchez left home on Friday, July 19 and has not returned since.  According to her mother, Ruby Tut, on the day she left home, she was complaining of feeling ill.

Ruby Tut, Mother of Serena Celi Sanchez: “She was on the veranda on the hammock when I came out because she said he was feeling sick so I went and gave her pepto bismol and when I came out I gave her a Marie biscuit and when I came out to bring her a cup of chocolate she wasn’t there, I didn’t know where she get to. So I started to look around and I couldn’t find her. I went down to the village and I couldn’t find her, nobody saw her and nobody knew about her and I waited until that was the 19th a Friday at 9 o’clock, I waited until Tuesday. When I went Tuesday I made the report because I was waiting to see if she would call or if she would give a text or something.”
Reporter: Was anything missing from her room ?
Ruby Tut, Mother of Serena Celi Sanchez: “No, nothing. Everything was left there, her phone, we found her phone we found everything she only went with the clothes that she had. She had a black short pants with a  black blouse and black slippers. Everybody is advising to go over to Guatemala but if I don’t have a clue where she is, or a number of a house or address I can go Guatemala is big.”

According to Patrick Menzies, founder of Jasmine Alert, the child is believed to be with 17-year-old Byron Sacul of Arenal Village, Cayo District.
Patrick Menzies, Founder of Jasmine Alert

Patrick Menzies, Founder of Jasmine Alert: “Is believed to be on the Guatemalan side of Arenal, believed to be and so police is in contact with their Guatemalan counterparts and they’re trying to get the issue resolved. The young lady Serena is still as far as we know in the custody of Byron Sacul and we know that she is the one because it’s there on Facebook and she did all kinds of social media things so we know that that is the case. There is, the young lady has recorded a message stating that she is with him so supposing like it’s an agreed on deal but we do recognize the laws of Belize and both the commander of CIB and the legal advisor Bart Jones we both agree that this case must get resolved and the kid must be returned and the culprit must be charged.”

The Police Department is working with Guatemalan authorities in order to locate Sanchez who is believed to be in Guatemala.