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Where is the Approval for the $1M For Teachers?

The Belize Network of NGOs is expressing its support for the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize in regards to Government’s decision to pay an “honorarium” to the teachers who did not participate in the October 2016 strike. The Belize Network of NGOs issued a statement in which it states quote, “GOB’s decision to spend one million dollars of unbudgeted taxpayers’ money to reward teachers who did not participate in the strike amounts to an expenditure that was not approved by the National Assembly. This makes a mockery of the national budget planning exercise. It is irreconcilable that Belmopan wants to spend un-budgeted monies during what should be an era of fiscal tightening.” End of quote. The Belize Network of NGOs is of the opinion that quote, “the poor state of Belize’s economy is as a result of several reasons, principal among them corruption, poor economic planning, the mismanagement of public funds, the crushing external debt, and lack of a vision and strategy for the sustainable development of Belize. The state of our economy will not improve unless GOB institutes and demonstrates fiscal discipline. As we enter what will be tough times in this new fiscal year, the need to plan, and stick to plans, has never been more critical.” End of quote.