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Where Was The G-10 at Today’s PUP Meeting?

With the resolution passed that Francis Fonseca will not be challenged in the upcoming National Convention for the PUP, it is interesting to see how things will unfold in the coming days with the G-10 who had dared to pose demands on the party.  And while that is left to be seen, we focus on the outcome of today’s meeting which Fonseca says was called to immediately address the concerns of the ten standard bearers.


“This letter was signed by 12 standard bearers of the People’s United Party; the Honorable John Briceno, Mr.Dan Silva, Gilroy Usher, Josue Carballo, Honorable Jose Mai, Gregorio Garcia Jr., David Castillo, Paul Thompson, Lloyd Jones, Cordel Hyde and Dr.Francis Smith and Elito Arceo. That letter called upon the National Executive of our party to undertake the following: (1) set a date for a National Convention at the earliest; (2) restructure the National Executive in the interest of efficiency and (3) commence meaningful consultations nationwide to inform the parties policy positions. In accordance with article 13 7 of the party’s constitution and respecting the importance of this letter and appreciating the urgency of it, I immediately convened a meeting today of the National Executive and Standard Bearers in order to fully and properly discuss and address the issues raised there in. All standard bearers and executive members were invited to this meeting.”