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While Compol says American couple released, officials say they remain in custody

The American couple suspected to have caused the death of 13 year old Faye Lin Cannon was released by police today. This is the information that the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, shared with the media this evening. Cannon and Doehm were transported to Belize City from San Pedro by boat where they were to answer to charges relating to pornography. That, however, did not stick and so they were released. Whylie shared more.

Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police
“Two individuals were detained pending the investigation. They were subsequently charged for possession of drugs and were remanded by a justice of the peace. They appeared in court I believe it was Monday evening. One of the individuals pled guilty, the other was released by the court. The individual who pled guilty I understand the fine was to be paid forthwith; he was unable to pay his fine and so a warrant of commitment was issued for that individual. He along with his wife I understand were transported to Belize City today. He would have been taken to the prison to serve his time but I understand his fine has since been paid. The female was re-detained to look at the issue of pornography. I think that the investigators have gone through some of their equipment and the photo that they have seen, the legal advice given by our legal advisor I understand was that it would not amount to pornography and so I believe that both individuals may have been released from police custody already. I had a discussion with an individual from the US Embassy and I also directed their Consular Chief to speak to the Eastern Division Regional Commander to give a more in-depth briefing but that is my understanding. I don’t think anybody’s constitutional right has been breached. “

The couple is the prime suspects for the homicide Faye Lin Cannon. While they have not been charged in relation to Faye Lin’s death, Commissioner Whylie says the investigators are accumulating evidence while waiting a directive from the DPP.

Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police
“The investigation is ongoing. I understand that all of the statements, evidence gathered, the file has been compiled, and has been forwarded to the DPP. Certainly the DPP will take her time to go over that file to see whether or not we have sufficient evidence at this time to bring charges against anyone and if the DPP so directs then we would. If she says No, we need to continue to investigate then we will continue to investigate. It’s a heinous crime in my view and a difficult crime to investigate because of the fact that it occurred within the privacy of their home and it occurred within one family. And so the investigators have been interviewing along with the Social, the members of the family, in particular the children and we’ve submitted what we had to the DPP. I don’t think we are at the stage where we can charge until we hear from DPP whether what we have is sufficient to do so.

While the Compol said the couple was released, we have received information from other official channels that the couple is still in police custody.