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Whistleblower Claims PC Elmer Nah Threatened Him Through Facebook

Edward Martinez – you may remember him as the man who had been posting predictions of drug plane landings. Over the weekend he took to social media to claim that Police Corporal Elmer Nah had been sending him threats via Facebook Messenger. Police Commissioner says he has been briefed on the claim.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “There are several things that are happening at this time and people will go at lengths and I can assure you that Corporal Nah did not have his phone when he was in lockup. I don’t know if someone may have had access to his account or if it’s a fake account that someone created and is using it to do it but I have advised Edward Martinez to come in and make a report and we will be able to investigate to see exactly where there messages are coming from. So I expect that he’s going to do that today.”

Love News reached out to Martinez to see if he had filed the complaint. He said he did attempt to do so but was told that the Police Corporal at the station refused to take his report and that he was told that he would have to go to Belmopan to make the report. Martinez told Love News that he took the threats personally as he was told that he would be added to a missing person’s list.