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Who Hacked Brads Gaming Company?

There was a disruption in the sale of lottery tickets on Sunday morning. Karil Wallace is the Public Relations Officer at Brad’s Gaming Company and he told us what happened.

Karil Wallace – Public Relations Officer

“Sometime a little after 8 o’clock on Sunday,  it was realized that our sites, our locations countrywide could not print the lottery receipts or the lottery tickets. This was due to some kind of malicious act which was done to our network and so all the sites had gone down, not really gone down because the receipts would have come out, but at the bottom where it really would have affected, the bottom where it’s known as the printing script that is where the act really affected and because all this technical work and so on and at the bottom the script could not have come out, further receipts could not have been dealt with because how it works, it recognizes the script first, and once it has come to the bottom and the script has printed, then another receipt can restart. If that script is not there then tickets cannot proceed so that is whatever may have been done to the system actually affected. Initially, we know the internet service was giving a bit of problem throughout the course of the early mornings like in the wee hours of the morning and so our initial thoughts were it was probably the fiber networks but coming on and tests were being done. As the morning progressed we realized it was no ordinary fault or no ordinary crash of a network or a server. It was actually embedded within our system.”

Wallace clarified that the company itself has no authority over the numbers that are drawn. In fact, he said in Sunday’s debacle, the company was one of the biggest losers since many customers could not purchase their tickets.


Karil Wallace – Public Relations Officer

“The numbers are drawn in a multipack machine and those are done in the open where balls are not selected but when blown around and the first ball that’s in that vicinity — you would have to see a draw to know how it works and we want to make it known that whatever malicious act may happen to our network it has nothing to do with the way the number is played. So the integrity of your number that you may have purchased that is safe, but when it comes to the way the draw is done that cannot be affected because we don’t go out there and select which number we want to be played; that is why there is a multi-pick machine it is open to the general public to go out and see so it’s just like how any other game in Belize is done whether it be Pick 3, Fantasy 5 it’s done the same way where its semi manual, a button is pushed on the machine to blow it around after a period of time the slot is opened the ball comes up we have no control over that.”

Plans are being put in place to ensure there is not a re-occurrence of Sunday’s event.

Karil Wallace – Public Relations Officer

“We have things in place we are putting more safety mechanisms in place as we speak so that whenever a site may go down there is another site to back it up because we were never prepared for a malicious act, we were prepared for power failures, downed networks and so on but malicious acts so our firewall is being updated and more investments are being done to ensure that whatever game may be played that those can go on when it should.”

Wallace said while customers were asking for the time of the drawing be pushed back, that was not possible since the time for the draw is mandated by law. The company has extended an apology to customers who were affected by Sunday’s glitch in the system.