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Who Is William Mason?

As we mentioned 46-year-old, William Alexander Mason was arraigned in the Belmopan Court this evening.  Since the news of Pastor Lucas’ beheading circulated, many have been asking why.  What we found interesting, however, is the many entanglements Mason has gotten himself into and even more interesting is the fact that he had to have been facilitated in Belize in order to get his documents.  We start with a website dedicated to listing persons who conduct shady business.  In February 2010 a post was made with over a dozen comments from people who have been conned by him or those who have spotted him.  From that site, we were led to another link that took us to Stabroek News.  In an article dated January 2012, a picture of Mason was featured where it spoke of him looking to open a twenty five million dollar medical lab.  In that article it stated that Mason, who went by the name, Raj Ouellet, was the CEO of an incorporation called 7Oceanz.  We did come across several other websites but what we also came across were some documents including a birth certificiate saying that William Alexander Mason was born in Crooked Tree Village, Belize District to James Mason and Sharon Tillett.  In addition to that, on July 10, 2015, a police record was issued in the name of William Alexander Mason stating he is a native of Belize with no criminal record.  Notably missing from the document was his passport number.  As it relates to his birth certificate citing he is from Crooked Tree, the village Chairman contacted us saying that is not the case at all.  He says he has been living in the village for 62 years and has categorically denied that Mason is a product of their community.  In the Starbroek news article, it had noted that Mason was born in Guyana and spent most of his life in the United States.  As it relates to his aliases, we have found that this individual goes by the names of Ted Ouellet, Danny Mason, William Mason and Raj Ouellet; a discovery which the Deputy Commissioner Russell Blackett spoke on.


“We know during our investigation that he also goes by the name of Danny Quellet and purported to be a Guyanese his charge therefore reads William Mason, AKA Danny Quellet. At the end of the investigation when it comes to the documents again you will find that additional charges will be laid and it will be made known to the public.

Love News understands that Mason also possesses Belizean nationality and a Belizean passport.  With that bit of news, we asked Immigration Minister, Godwin Hulse to comment.


“Absolutely not I’m hearing the story now. In fact I only heard from you this morning that he has some vital statistic document which of course as you know if he does have Vital Statistics Documents then it duly has nothing to do with nationality it has to do with passports but I have not had any opportunity to speak to any officer to follow up on it. Knowing me I will, I will be looking to see what information we too can have from that but at this point I am in no position to speak. You remember that there was this Mennonite Guy in Mexico who had gotten a fake vital statistics document and that triggered. Now we don’t have any control over vital statistics, we had put in some serious measures to deal with the nationality aspect but if you show up with a birth certificate and you have a social security card and they look good, the birth certificate is one of the loosest documents you could imagine, it goes back to the days when we had confidence in the nation and nobody lied. Getting a vital statistics document seems very easy.”