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Who killed Fareed Ahmad?

Well-known barber, Fareed Ahmad is dead tonight after he was shot last night in Hattieville, Belize District. Ahmad’s SUV was found crashed into a parked truck on the side of the road at mile 17 on the George Price Highway. Ahmad received a single shot to the face and died while receiving treatment at the KHMH. Inside the vehicle with Ahmad at the time of the incident was 34-year-old WPC Michelle Brown who complained of body pain. At first, the matter was thought to be a traffic mishap but as we just reported, Ahmad was shot and so today Hipolito Novelo was in Hattieville looking for answers.

At around midnight last night villagers along mile 17 of the George Price Highway in Hattieville heard a loud bang.


“As if the impact of two vehicles that collided. I hurriedly went out to the direction of the George Price Highway, because that’s where it came from and when I reached out there I saw at least half a dozen or so more people out there already and I saw the one vehicle run into the back of another truck that was parked on the way already.”

Behind the steering wheel of the heavily tinted grey, BMW SUV was Fareed Ahmad a popular barber and sports enthusiast.


“I immediately asked the guys if they could help me to take him out the vehicle. I got there and saw that it was Fareed that was sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Another young man and myself took him out and placed him on the ground and two other people helped to take the passenger, there was a female in there on the passenger side and they took her out and placed her on the ground and waited for the ambulance.”

That woman is said to be a member of the Special Assignment Team of the Belize Police Department. She was taken to the KHMH for injuries she apparently sustained to the leg and face. She is under heavy police guard. So what happened inside the SUV? Originally the matter was reported as a road traffic incident but as the day went by more information emerged. We understand that Amahd was shot several times. We are told that his vehicle was seen parked across the highway from the police station prior to his fatal shooting. We were also told by villagers who were first on the scene that the female police officer alluded to some sort of struggle between herself and Ahmad leading to Amahd being fatally shot.


“Well I saw like he had a swelling on his head and his mouth appeared to be burst and I thought that he was bleeding a little bit too much and that is why I was anxious to get the ambulance to take him down.”


“Was he saying anything at that time?”


“When we first reached there to me he was unconscious behind the wheel and shortly after he seemed to regain a slight measure of consciousness but you could see he was slurring his speech so we didn’t want to press him to talk. We kept him sitting and lying down there waiting for the ambulance to come.”

Ahmad died while receiving treatment at the KHMH. Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie has ordered that the Crimes Investigation Branch and the Professional Standard Bureau carry out separate but parallel investigations into the fatal shooting of Fareed Ahmad. Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.