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Who killed new born baby?

Police have still not made any arrests or levied any charges in the case where the body of a newborn baby boy was found on July 20. The last time police gave an update to the media was four days after the incident. At that time, Police said they had identified a woman who was suspected to be the mother of the baby boy.  While they waited for the results of several tests to ascertain the mother’s identity, they also took statements from several persons of interest.  Over the past weeks, the media has pressed for information on the case and today Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal told the media that their investigation is ongoing.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – Commander, Eastern Division South

“There are a bit of challenges with that investigation as you know it is not simply getting statements and move forward, there are other things with it. There were certain items recovered from a house so we are awaiting response in that regard and there are other things that need to be done for us to move forward. There were persons of interest detained but they had to be released, we can’t hold them forever.  As the investigation continues, we can bring back those people and once they are back and we have enough, then those people will be charged.”

Police indicated that while it has been revealed that the baby died after birth, it is still unconfirmed whether it was due to natural causes or if his death is the result of being harmed.  The baby’s body was found by a sanitation worker on the morning of Thursday July 20 in the canal near South Street Bridge in Belize City.  Results of the post mortem examination show that the baby died of acute respiratory syndrome.