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Who Murdered British Woman, Michelle Anison?

Police have still not made any arrests for the murder of 46-year-old Michelle Anison, whose body was found on Friday morning, November 17 in her apartment in Ladyville. Police were called to the apartment complex where they found her body which displayed several stab wounds. This morning police spoke of the progress in their investigations.

ACP Alejandro Cowo

“Upon inspection of the body, she had several stab wounds to the chest and to the neck area. The information we have is that the last time that she was seen alive was on Monday sometime after 10:30 AM. Her vehicle is up to now missing and other belongings are also missing. We have received information that she was a very friendly person and was out with the villagers socializing with them but the important thing is that the information we have received is that she had never taken anyone to her house to socialize, all the socialization that she did was outside the establishment but not in her house. You are looking for some individuals that we believe were close to her that can get more information from them. There was no forced entry into the apartment and so far we have four persons that were detained, one was detained yesterday and we are presently conducting interviews on them.”

Anison’s grey 2010 Nissan Rogue remains missing. Police say that because of the advanced state of decomposition, Anison’s body had to be buried on the same day. Anison worked as a volunteer at the Liberty Children’s Home in Ladyville.