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Who to Believe Amy or Darlene?

Justice of the Peace Darlene Padron fired off a letter to the Attorney General of Belize through her attorney, Godwin Haylock in respect to her name being called as the JP who authenticated the signature of Amy Forte. The letter confirms that Pardon was indeed the JP who authenticated the documents used for land transaction between Andre Vega and a person believed to be Amy Forte. Forte has since said that her signature was forged. According to the letter, Padron has confirmed that quote, “a lady appearing to be the likeness of Ms. Amy Forte provided her with an ID card with the name of Amy Forte. She verified that the picture on the card was the same person in front of her. Amy Forte then proceeded to sign the Deed of Conveyance with a signature similar to that on the ID card.” End of quote. The letter adds that Padron witnessed the signature after which she authenticated the deed with her signature and JP Stamp. Haylock says that Padron has demonstrated and continues to live up to the code of ethics. Padron is requesting that the Attorney General clears her name publicly since Forte has not provided police with an official complaint.