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Who was responsible for ‘poorly’ drafted BTL Settlement Deed?

On September 11, 2015 the Government of Belize and British Caribbean Bank Limited arrived at a settlement, so did the Government of Belize, Dunkheld International and the Belize Telemedia Limited Employees Trust. The settlement was for the nationalization of BTL. The Caribbean Court of Justice stated that the settlement deed was poorly drafted. So who drafted it? Senior Counsel Rodwell Williams says it was not him.


“Just look at it and you will see frame of attorney who is on record and it’s now my firm, it is another firm but it’s right in the document but we don’t deal with these issues outside but it’s in the document- the attorney who represented the Government names are mentioned for the parties for the Government side and the other side. The settlement deed is law, this Government fully discloses it, it’s the schedule of the settlement act, if you look at it, if you care to do your job and you will see it.”


“Isn’t that an interesting thing? Who signed the settlement agreement? The Prime Minister of this country and the other signature on that is Rodwell Williams, they are the ones who signed the settlement agreement and witnessed the settlement agreement, there is a clause – clause 5.4 where the Government of Belize Specifically says that Sunshine has these two loans, Sunshine will remain responsible for those loans. It goes further, all the compensation that was paid to the trust should not be reduced by these two loans. So when you ask the question why should the Belizean people be on the lamb for it? My brother that question should be answered by Dean Oliver Barrow; his signature is on the settlement agreement in black and white.”

In an interview in September 2016, Senior Counsel Denys Barrow, who was Government’s attorney on several BTL related cases stated that he was not involved in the drafting of the settlement agreement. In June of last year, Barrow was sworn in as a Justice of the Caribbean Court of Justice.