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Who will be the next UDP Mayoral Candidate for Belize City Council?

On August 27, Belize City residents, or at least supporters of the United Democratic Party, will be going to the polls to elect their candidate to run for Mayor for the next municipal elections in 2018. The UDP hopefuls are current Councilors, Dion Leslie and Philip Willoughby. Now while within the party Leslie seems to enjoy greater support, anything can happen in 2018. Today we asked Mayor Darrell Bradley, who led City Hall for two consecutive terms and who, arguably, built a solid track record for himself, whether he removing himself from the ticket would affect the UDP’s chances for success in 2018. Here is what he said.

Mayor Darrell Bradley

“Well I don’t think so. I think that as Mayor people see my face a lot but over the last five and a half, going into six years we’ve worked very closely as a team so that the successes that I have enjoyed as Mayor is really like a team effort. We have a tremendous amount of staff members who give their output every day to ensure that the City’s wheels are churning. The counselors have done a great deal of work in relation to ensuring that their individual portfolio areas they excel in. I can speak of the singular achievements that we have made over the last five and a half years and it is really attributable to the outstanding work of individual counselors in their portfolio areas. I can give you an example of what we did on E Government and the work that Counselor Pitts has been doing. The BTL Park and the work that Counselor Singh has been doing. The improvements in Sanitation that has been attributable to Deon Leslie and again the great work that we have been doing in CEMO which is attributable to Counselor Philip Willoughby and then again, I think over the last five and a half years we have really been able to coaless as a team. Yes we have had difficulties but I don’t think that there will be any challenge. I think that whoever takes the reins here at City Hall can continue the vision and great work that we have started and I think a bit part of that responsibility also is on the voter. The voter needs to ensure that leaders are held accountable.”