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Who Will Replace Parke?

Justice Parke’s resignation now leaves a vacancy that needs to be filled urgently. And while the media pressed Briceno on concerns raised by President of the Court of Appeal Manuel Sosa over the number of cases before the court needing attention, Briceno insisted that the person to take over the position must be adequately qualified.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“I could understand Justice Sosa’s concern, it could be a legitimate concern but we have to do things right, not because there is this urgent need we are just going to throw anybody in there we can’t do that. We are talking about providing justice in this country and we have to ensure that we should never second guess the judges in our court system. Let me stop there but its important that we give the support to Justice Sosa and the other Justices of the Court of Appeal but we have to make sure that the people that are appointed can meet the qualifications and the caliber that is expected of them to work in the Court of Appeal.”

Briceno added that if the Prime Minister’s next choice does not fit the position, they are prepared to object once again and challenge the appointment in court if necessary. The Party Leader also expressed gratitude to social partners who joined in to object to Parke’s appointment including the Bar Association, the Chamber of Commerce, Unions and the NGO community.